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Our Lean courses

Lean2Succes offers various incompany training courses in English.

Lean White Belt

Lean White Belt

Get to know Lean and learn the basic Lean theory and tools. During a fun LEGO game, you will directly apply the theory. After the training you will know exactly what Lean is and how your organization can benefit from it.

Lean Yellow Belt

Lean Yellow Belt

During the Lean Yellow Belt training you learn how to apply Lean in your own work. We cover the basic theory and tools like setting team goals, process improvement, daily stand-ups and eliminating waste. And of course, you will get to practice a lot.

Lean Green Belt

Lean Green Belt

During the Lean Green Belt training we deepen the Lean theory and provide you with even more tools. You will learn how to do improvement projects, how to coach your colleagues to use Lean and much more applicable techniques. The first 2 days are equal to the Lean Yellow Belt training.

Lean Black Belt

Lean Black Belt

Become a Lean expert and get certified as Lean Black Belt. The first 5 days are equal to the Lean Green Belt training. During the Lean Black Belt training we discuss the transition to and leading a Lean organization. You also learn how to prevent and deal with resistance (Change management). We also teach you how to take the right steps to realize a Lean culture.

Product Owner

Product Owner

Do you want to learn what is expected of you as a Product Owner and how to act effectively in that role within your organization? Then this is the perfect training for you!

Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Do you want to learn what Scrum is? Would you like to understand what Scrum can mean for your organization and how to implement it within your organization?
After completing the Scrum Master training, you will have mastered the basics of Scrum and understand what is expected of you as a Scrum Master. You will know how to apply Scrum within your organization and the role you play as a Scrum Master.

Our experienced trainers

The masters of change

Our Lean and Agile experts do more than just train people. We also bring Lean and Agile to life for our customers by coaching and guiding them on the work floor. This unique combination gives us a wealth of practical experience and a keen insight into what works best. Enter our world full of practical examples and discover how you can successfully apply Lean, Scrum and Agile.

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With one foot in the training room and the other in practice, I create success in every organization.

Ed Cramer - Lean2Succes
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We enjoy sharing knowledge.

What is Lean?

Lean is a philosophy that focuses on the customer and minimizing waste. It gives employees responsibility and enables them to continuously improve independently. In recent decades, Lean has proven itself as the method to make organizations more customer-oriented and efficient.

What are Agile & Scrum?

Agile is a way of working and thinking that helps organizations to respond quickly to changes. Agile and Lean have many similarities. The most used Agile methodology is Scrum, a way to carry out large projects in a more customer-friendly and simpler way.

What we're proud of!

5x Best Training Provider in the Netherlands
Thanks to our more than 1000 customer reviews, in which participants scored us an average of 9,6
Over 4000 participants
From more than 550 organizations, small and big, manufacturing, administrative, health care, hospitality, governance, IT, education, etc.
Internationally accredited
Our Lean training courses and trainers are of very high quality and meet the requirements of LCS (Lean Competency System).
Scum & Agile

And what they say about us...


Loved the class. Very instructive. I took a ton away from the class that will help me improve in my daily work life. The examples in the class helped me understand the concepts. Overall the class was a ten out of ten.

Brian Carr

Sr. Contract specialist


Was clear and fun. Chemistry between Renee and Ad was great to see. Renee more fluently and Ad more serious but still fun. Training was nice and also indepth information became clear as well with good videos and also nice it can be done in English.

Bastin Buur

Supply Chain Planner


Most material left covered will be applicable. Will apply what I can. Ed traveled from the NL to preset this and it is much appreciated. The training was great as were all the people that attended the training along with me.

James Haley

Operations Manager


A great training provided by Ad and Pieter. A perfect balance between theory and practice. The exercises were fun. Excellent location, too. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Rositsa Burla

Project Coördinator Global Outsourcing


Excellent instruction, content, exercises, and practical ways to apply to current workplace. Materials presented as well as distributed are quite useful. Time very well spent in this course. Highly recommended.

Chris Lowe

Manager IT


A very informative and interactive training. A good variety of lean tools presented and more experience gained in how to use them. A nice atmosphere created within the group and everyone’s input valued.

Katherine Humphreys

QA Team Lead

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Discover together with us the optimal route for your needs. Whether it concerns Lean or Agile, training or consultancy, let’s find the path that suits you best.

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